COBL Academia

 COBL Research Project:
Discrimination in
Fandom Culture

My main academic focus is to continue
to better understand WHY people tend
to enjoy certain character types or
genres more then others.
More specifically- why people
enjoy misunderstood or
villain type characters, and why others
cant stand the people who do.

I originally made my focus pinpointed
on the BL fandom in particular,
but after running two separate surveys,
I noticed that many of the examples
of discrimination against character favs
were often outside of the BL realm.
So I decided to broaden my
audience a bit? This issue is much
bigger then just BL, and I want
to include as many fans as I can. 

My continued research from 2022
to present, is intended to dig deeper
into the in-fighting and bullying that
tends to happen within English
speaking fandom spaces. I hope to
bridge the gap between fans of the
more misunderstood media with the
ones who tend to favor the more
heroic or standard protagonist tropes.

You can find both my current
fan survey & an upload of my
2022 panel on this subject below~ 

I Love That Character You Hate
FujoCon 2022 Panel

You can participate in my
2023 Fan Survey below~!!